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Who is she

Haidee Rosselli Del Turco creative mind and founder of Min Min is an italian/ australian designer, mother and dog lover based in the countryside of Tuscany on the outskirts of Florence, Italy.


Born from an Australian mother and an Italian father she travelled between Italy and Australia most of her childhood.


She studied Visual Design at the faculty of Industrial Design – Architecture in Florence, and later on transferred her studies in Sydney, Australia at the Billy Blue College of Design where she graduated with a Bachelor of Design in 2008.


In late 2009 she went back to Florence and worked in several design agencies as a graphic designer, working in different fields such as editorial design, branding, packaging, communication and advertising.


After the birth of her child she slowly started to look towards textiles, home decor and interior design seeking a different use for her designs.


Soon after, the idea of applying a design, a pattern or a drawing to a product for the home through top quality fabrics and handmade work led to the birth of Min Min.


Why Min Min

The name Min Min is taken from an unusual light phenomenon, commonly reported in outback Australia. According to folklore, the lights sometimes follow or approach people and then disappear, sometimes very rapidly, only to reappear later on.


Min Min is fuelled by the aesthetic beauty and mystery of past cultures and far away worlds.

In Min Min Haidee finds an escape route influenced by oneiric dimensions and mysticism, but most of all by the wonder of Nature and its many forms of beauty.